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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun in Branson

Dissecting My First Frog And With No Smell

Sharee And I Meeting Mr. Frog

Me And My Dad Finding Our Way Around The Mirror Maze

Beautiful Butterfly

Taking A Closer Look

Exploring The Wildlife

Climbing Up The Coconut Tree

First of all we stayed at Welks Resort. Not to long after we got there we went mini golfing. My favorite hole was one with a hill that ramps over a xylophone and goes into a hole. Next we went to the splash-a- torium where there was a little bucket that dumped water on your head, lots of sprinklers and sprayers everywhere, two spas, a pool that connects to the inside from the outside, and a 100 foot water slide. I liked the water slide the best! After that we went to the Butterfly Palace, where I climbed a coconut tree, watched a 3D movie about butterflies, went into the butterfly room with more than just butterflies( there were birds and fish too), and a mirror maze which I liked the best. The very last thing we did in the Butterfly palace was look at reptiles, where I dissected a frog, on a screen. We also went to the Brandon Landing where we watched a water show, got snow cones, and rode a trolley. That's pretty much all the different places we went to. I had a SPLASH OF A BLAST:)


  1. Wow Devin! That makes me want to go! I love your detailed trip. I really want to go to Branson Landing. It sounds really neat. That water slide sounds fun too. "Splash of a Blash"...awesome!

  2. The wonderful life of a kid. You are a good one & so blessed to have such a nice family.