Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Update! Summary about what's happened between then and now,and Minecraft

I've grown a lot after my last post. Now i'm in SIXTH GRADE! Basicly what has happened between then and now is that a HUGE 2 foot snow has gone by, I've grown, I've made new friends, i'm 11 years old, and I learned about Minecraft!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My 4th Grade Class

Im in 4th grade now. That doesn't mean it can't be cool though! This year I have another nice teacher named Mrs. Tvrz that has 26 students in this years class(including me). She does all kinds of fun stuff such as carving pumpkins,letting us have pet day,letting us make our very own BOOK,letting us make Thanksgiving dinner,and going on field trips. I've had a great year so far and I KNOW that I will have a great year in the future!

Monday, January 31, 2011

My Christmas (2010)

I had a great Christmas! Did you? I hope you did! Here are a few things I got. I got a DSI-XL with a cover, a Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii game, games for my DSI, bakugans, tinker toys, another Wii game and movie from my cousins and lots of stocking stuffers. In fact I even made a gift for my teacher, same as Sharee, it was some popcorn that went with a malco gift card. It even had pretzels, m&m's, and chocolate on the popcorn. For Christmas Eve on the kid's table sat a Christmas tree made of fruit that was made by my Mom, Sharee, and Me. That's what we did for Christmas. What did YOU do?

Monday, July 5, 2010

16 Fish in the pond.

One day we went to my Granny and Papa' s pond to go fishing.I caught 16 fish that day. The very last fish I caught was a catfish that we had to let back into the pond. I get a fishing pole for catching the catfish all by myself.

Fun in Branson

Dissecting My First Frog And With No Smell

Sharee And I Meeting Mr. Frog

Me And My Dad Finding Our Way Around The Mirror Maze

Beautiful Butterfly

Taking A Closer Look

Exploring The Wildlife

Climbing Up The Coconut Tree

First of all we stayed at Welks Resort. Not to long after we got there we went mini golfing. My favorite hole was one with a hill that ramps over a xylophone and goes into a hole. Next we went to the splash-a- torium where there was a little bucket that dumped water on your head, lots of sprinklers and sprayers everywhere, two spas, a pool that connects to the inside from the outside, and a 100 foot water slide. I liked the water slide the best! After that we went to the Butterfly Palace, where I climbed a coconut tree, watched a 3D movie about butterflies, went into the butterfly room with more than just butterflies( there were birds and fish too), and a mirror maze which I liked the best. The very last thing we did in the Butterfly palace was look at reptiles, where I dissected a frog, on a screen. We also went to the Brandon Landing where we watched a water show, got snow cones, and rode a trolley. That's pretty much all the different places we went to. I had a SPLASH OF A BLAST:)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Snow

In the year of 2010 we played in the snow. We made a giant snow pile with a tunnel in it. The snow pile was 6 feet tall! We also made 2 tiny snow piles. We hooked a sled to a four-wheeler and went up the humps. It was fun! Last but not least,we drank hot coco.

Monday, October 5, 2009

This New School is grrrrrrrrrrreat

I have a new school and it's grrrrrrrreat! It's the awesomest school I've ever got so far. My teachers name was Ms. Moody .She was very nice. My cousin Cameron's teacher was Mrs Butler.My cousin Caden's teacher was Mrs. Reeves, the same as my teacher when I was in kindergarten. Last but not least, my little sister, Sharee's teacher was Mrs. McCollough.